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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit the homepage and enter your email address in the 'Sign up Now' box at the top of the page.
Yes, and remember to keep it safe.
0844 is the option for Contract Free conferencing, but we also have the Premium Service which gives you local and geographical numbers.
You can have up to 100 participants on a call at any one time.
We do not charge you for using the contract free service. You only have to pay for the price of your call from your telephone provider. Everyone calling into a teleconference, including the host, simply pays for their own phone call. The call costs will be shown on their phone bill in the same way as any other call.
For a full list of costs please check our Dial-in numbers  page.
Thanks to simple controls available directly from your telephone keypad, you can lock your call and mute participants. Please click here to view our in-call conference controls within the user guide.

Using our service is extremely easy! Click here to sign up for your PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN number please contact us on +44 (0) 3303 364111.

Tell your conference call participants what they need to know by sending a calendar invite or an email and include:

  • Date, time (and time zone) they need to join the call on
  • Your Yobiba conferencing telephone number – 08444 733 733
  • Your 6 digit PIN
Click here for a full list of numbers for international participants.
At the given time and date, all dial in and enter the PIN when prompted.
When calling our 0844 or 8 76 27 number, all parties involved on the call (host and participants) get charged for their phone call by their individual telephone provider. If you are using a 0800 (Freephone) or 0330 (geographical) number, then the call may be free of charge for the caller, but the host will be charged for all calls connected to the conference call.
Recording your conference calls comes completely free of charge with all Yobiba's PIN's.
After recording your conference you will automatically receive an email with a link to your recording.
Click to open an email invitation template
You just need to add your [SUBJECT], [DATE], [TIME], and [PIN].

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