Web Conferencing

Transform your organisation to be more agile and responsive by utilising easy to use web conferencing collaborative tools.

Why choose Yobiba for your Web Conferencing?

Meet ‘face-to-face’ with fully integrated audio, web and video conferencing, at your desktop or on the move. Yobiba offers market leading collaboration solutions that will meet the needs of everyone!


What can I use Web Conferencing for?

  • Team meetings
  • Company announcements
  • Project Meetings
  • Collaborate with virtual teams
  • Training remote colleagues and customers
  • Reviewing documents in real time
  • Presenting to customers and prospects


Benefits of Web Conferencing

  • No need to meet face to face to review documents, it’s all done at a click of a button.
  • Real-time collaboration, share, collaborate and discuss your projects in real time with your colleagues and customers.
  • Faster output from meeting discussions, develop documents in real-time
  • Web conferencing is effective working, increasing productivity


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