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Calls cost 5.8p/min (+VAT and your company’s access charge) and using our mobile shortcode, you’ll pay 12.5p/min.

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five stars for our conference call service and great customer service.

Perfect service for my needs. As a new business I didn’t want to sign up to a lengthy contract so the pay as you go aspect works perfectly for me. Great customer service too.

Christopher Y

I have just started to use Yobiba after trying various other conferencing platforms.
The conference call was a complete success, no errors / buffering etc…

It’s extremely user friendly and would highly recommend this product.

Channa M

Good solution – easy to use; great support and perfect for my business requirements. Highly recommend this, especially if your an SMB business.

Richard S

This was my first time using Yobiba and I will be using them again. The conference I held was successful, the service worked really well for me. Thank you to the team that supported me and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend. Thank you

Sarah P

Fantastic service and extremely satisfied, where I will be definitely using Sascha’s business for further products.

Steve L

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